French Cafe Life

Enjoying Cafe Life at a Paris bistro

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What is so special about France? I remember sitting at a Cafe sipping a Chocolat near the Eiffel Tower with my partner. It is an occasion that we frequently recall. This is a typical memory of France, and amplifies French life. France Today explores Cafe society in France ….

This is French Cafe Life

Sitting at a French café in gay Paris sipping an express, watching people, overhearing conversations—it’s always magic, no matter how often it is repeated. Is it the coffee, is it the café, is it the entire experience, replete with the waft of cigarette smoke if the day is fine and your table is outside?

It’s all of the above, and more. It’s the little packet of sugar that sits next to the cup, vying for space with the chocolate covered almond or the Belgian spice cookie called spéculoos that some cafés serve alongside. It’s the server who bends over to take your order and asks, with a certain intimacy that might be reserved just for you, Madame? Monsieur?


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Memories, Memories!

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